The word for today is, “encourage.” Have you ever had someone to be an encourager to you? I have been blessed through the years to have people like that in my life. Sometimes life can get very discouraging. Many years ago, I went through months of depression, and the Lord brought people around me to encourage me. They shared that I could keep on trusting God and in time He would bring good out of that experience. Romans 8:28 says, that all things work together for good to those that love God and are called according to His purpose. Little did I know that the very experience of that depression vaulted my future speaking career in Women’s Ministry that lasted more than 30 years. To this very day the Lord has been gracious to bring encouragers in my journey with Him.

In Psalms 11:25 the Bible says that a generous person will prosper and they who refresh others, will be refreshed. Hebrews 3:13, states that we are to encourage one another day after day, while it is still day. Everywhere we turn we meet people that are living with sorrow, discouragement, unfulfilled hopes and dreams. Have we been so busy with our own agenda and problems that we just pass them by without a word? How long would it take to send a note, a text or maybe a phone call?

Oh Lord Jesus, let me be that one that shares your love and encouragement to those that need someone to care.