Church Bells Ringing

I was asked to share in Sunday School  Psalms 95.   In my study, I was reading Charles Spurgeon’s exposition of the first 6 verses.  He states that it reminds him of Great Church Bells Ringing.  The psalm is truly about the worthiness of worshiping our Lord.  Worship is defined in Webster’s 1828 dictionary as “to bow down, to fear or reverence. To adore, to honor, to respect with dignity, worth and worthiness, to honor with extreme love and submission.”  I am afraid that sometime we think worship is only about music.  Truly, music is part of worship, but worship according to Webster’s definition, is far more.  It is every part of our being to love, adore, and honor the Lord with extreme love and submission (obedience).

In verse 1-2 the Psalmist speaks of our shouting joyfully and triumphantly to the Lord. We as God’s children should be overjoyed to use our voices in singing to our Lord, but also in speaking to others about our Lord. Then in the next 3 verses he speaks of the greatness of our Lord. We must never lose the wonder of our heavenly Father. I will summarize 3-5 verses: “The Lord is a great God, a great King. The depths of the earth are in His hands, the mountain peaks are His.  The sea is His, He made it. He formed the dry land. He is our Maker. We are the sheep of His pasture, the sheep under His care.”

I wonder if we really pondered and rehearsed the unspeakable awesomeness of our heavenly Father, what would overwhelmingly rise up from the depths of our heart.  Would it not be to worship!  For You, Oh God are worthy!  Such joy unspeakable! Like Church Bells Ringing, inviting all to come and worship our amazing Lord!