“Jesus is taking our picture”

Have you ever shared or taught a special Bible scripture and then circumstances came into your life where you personally had to trust God about the truth of that scripture?  That happened to me just this past week.  I was speaking at a ladies event using the verse in Psalm 46:1 “God is our refuge and strength, a very present and well proven help in trouble.”(those scary times). Amplified version

Just a few days later at 2:00 AM we were waked by an 80 mile an hour wind hitting our house.  Of course we were immediately out of bed and turning on the TV to see what was happening.  I got our safe space under the stairwell ready for occupancy. It felt like our windows were going to break, we could hear the debris flying outside as it hit the house, and the whistling sounded like our roof was ready to fly off.  Thank the Lord that it didn’t. I will tell you that it was a very scary time.  Was Psalm 46:1 true for us that early morning? A very resounding YES! The next morning we found damage all over our neighborhood where the EFO tornado had come blowing through. God didn’t prevent the happening, but I can tell you He was with us in the midst of that storm.

I read a story recently in McHenry’s Quotes: When Donald and Simmie Godwin took their 4 year old grandson on a camping trip at Lake Superior they got a good theology lesson.  A bad thunderstorm came up and the little guy was fascinated by the flashes of “whitning.” He watched the sky light up for a few minutes then gave his commentary. “Look! Jesus is taking my picture.”  Our activities and attitudes never escape the attention of our God. He is constantly taking our picture.  Just a reminder of His amazing love for us.

A great lesson from a 4 year old.