Touched by Prayer

Many of us are blessed by the organization, Focus on the Family. The originator of the organization, James Dobson Jr is one of the most admired, used and respected Christian ministers today.  His radio program is heard by millions.  No doubt he has done a remarkable job, but would he have been in such a position, had his father not been a man of prayer? Engraved on the tomb of James Dobson Sr. are two special words. “He Prayed.” Because he fervently prayed, this man of God left a legacy of prayer that will continue to impact the American family through his son for years. (Taken in part from Focus on the Family, June 1993).

“He Prayed.” What a powerful testimony.  As life was somewhat turned upside down for us in 2015 with Jon’s cancer we saw the power of prayer first hand.  There were so many that prayed for us during those hard months. Just knowing that one is not alone when the hard times come is such a blessing, but to get emails, cards, texts with “we are praying every day for you” is beyond words. We know that our Father hears and answers every prayer in His own way and His own time. I once heard the late Dr.Adrian Rogers say, “The greatest gift that one can give another is to take time to pray for them.”

When we pray for others, we are making a lasting imprint on them as well as all the lives that go after them.

May it be said of us some day, “They Prayed.”