Pastor of FBC Stering City reports after JMEA Conference

We could not have been more pleased with the results of our Spiritual Awakening Conference with Jon & Phyllis Moore earlier this month.  Our folks were challenged to get real in their walk with the Lord.  Jon’s penetrating style of preaching and ministry really hit home with our blue-collar and retired men.  The ladies were especially blessed!  We’ve waited for two years to see our ladies get to the point they were hungry enough to participate in a weeknight Bible study.  That will start in early May with over a dozen ladies committed! And with the “oil field” boom in our county, we are now poised for a growth spurt in our church.  Jon and Phyllis were the right folks for the right church at the right time.  We were ‘right pleased’ with how the Lord ministered to us through them.

Pastor David Hartwig,

First Baptist Church

Sterling City, Texas