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Jon Moore was a pharmacist who owned his own pharmacy when the Lord placed His calling on his life to preach.  He was pastor of a small church while earning his Master of Divinity degree from Southwestern Theological Seminary.  The “Jesus Movement,” the “Asbury revival,” and his association with Manley Beasley, a prominent revivalist, were all used by the Lord to influence his life.  That impact was deepened when the family moved to Euless, Texas and joined First Baptist Church Euless when Dr. Jimmy Draper was pastor.  But it was Jon’s own experience of revival during that time that had the deepest impact on his life and ministry.

Jon is a revivalist.  Revival by definition happens to someone who is already a Christian, but whose spiritual life is in decline.  God has given Jon unique gifts that enable him to communicate the life – changing Word of God in a way that connects with our modern culture.  He has helped men and women from all walks of life to deepen their love for Christ and His Word.  Jon conducts Sunday only or Sunday through Wednesday meetings that continue to focus on revival and spiritual awakening.


Read what others are saying:

Thanks for sharing the Word with our church family. I heard many complimentary
comments regarding your message. A sense of God’s presence was the
consensus of what was shared with me!
I am grateful for your friendship thru the years.
Ken Branam

Plymouth Park Baptist Church

Irving, TX


Bro. Jon,

Thank you so much for being our guest at our fifth annual Curtis Mathis “Preach the Word” Bible Conference.  This was a transformational week for Calvary Baptist Church.  Lives were changed!  One clue to how God is moving:  before the conference, we had a normal Sunday witnessing team of about 5-6 people, since the conference, we have averaged 25 people!  Glory to His name!  Bro. Moore, thank you so much for prayerfully preparing and faithfully delivering not only God’s Word, but also His heart.

Robert L. Webb

Calvary Baptist Church

1609 Rand Road

Kaufman, TX  75142



I promised that I would keep you updated on what is happening following the revival.

First, we had the absolute best worship following a revival that I have ever experienced.  It has been my experience for most of my ministry that people are “churched-out” after a meeting and the attendance drops off the following Sunday.  Ours was up.  The altar was filled with people praying, numerous people came asking me to pray for them as they had people on their hearts that they need to share Jesus with.  One deacon witnessed to a man Sunday afternoon.  He asked me Sunday night to go with him this week to share with the man.  We visited with him yesterday.  I shared the gospel with him.  He said, “I confessed my sins, and I asked Jesus to save me one afternoon this week.  What do I need to do next?”  We are going to baptize him on Sunday.

Another deacon called today.  He said, “I had a new roof put on my house a few weeks ago,  Yesterday in the rain I had a little leak.  I called and asked if the installer could come back and take a look at it.  He just called me and asked if the pastor could come.  He had watched the movie Courageous last night, and he wanted to be saved.”  He accepted Jesus leaning up against his truck in the deacon’s driveway.  The deacon was fired up after the young man accepted Christ.

I spent time in the worship center today praying for the D-Now – the leaders, the band, the speaker, the home group Bible teachers, the students that may be lost, the students that need to make changes, and the service projects they will perform tomorrow in the city.  I CANNOT WAIT TO SEE WHAT GOD DOES WITH THE YOUTH THIS WEEKEND.

God is good!  I know, I have been revived.  Each day has seemed sweeter and brighter following the conference.  Thank you for your ministry, and thank you for your prayers.

J. R. DeBusk, D.Min.
First Baptist Church
201 N. Fourth St.
Heber Springs, AR 72543


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