“ Yield yourselves unto God.” Romans 6:13

Several years ago I decided that I wanted to begin to do sculpting. It was one medium that I had not tried in my years of art. I took a sculpting class at a local nearby college. I remember how I felt that day when, after buying the very large bag of clay, asking the professor, what in the world do I do with the huge hunk of clay? Graciously he didn’t laugh, but instead asked me what I saw in the clay? I told him, “ I see a horse.” His encouraging reply, “then cut away everything that is not a horse.” A famous line used by others.
I thought of the scripture, Isaiah 64:8, “You, oh Lord, You are our Father, You are the potter. We are the work of Your hands”.
So many times in our lives we think we know better the hands that should form and mold our lives. Ours! When the scripture uses the word,” yield,” it means “to give up or present.” I hear people say that they are going to give God their lives. Well, how can we give Him something that He created and already owns? Yield, give up, present to Him!
Going back to my illustration about what I saw in the clay. It is an awesome thought to know that our Father in heaven knew exactly what He saw when he created us (you and me), and He knows exactly what to add and take away to fulfill in our lives His finished product, the Life of His Son, the Lord Jesus. Is it always easy? No! Does it sometime hurt? Yes! But God wants us to live in His perfect peace and trust in His ability. Our job is to yield ourselves to our heavenly Potter, not only committing our lives to Him, but take our hands off and let Him put His hands on just the way He sees fit. The word “yield” is just keeping all things under His guiding hand.