What’s Our Motive?

Many of us pray for God to send renewal to our heart, our churches and our nation. I hear how badly we need renewal, but I guess the first question is how badly do we really want it. The second question is why do we want renewal. What is our motive?

  1. So broken homes will be put back together?
  2. So that the lost can go to heaven?
  3. So there can be an end to all the violence?
  4. So that our churches can be filled again?
  5. So that our wayward children will return to God?

All these things are wonderful outcomes of a God sent revival, but I want to share a story that I heard several years ago that really touched my heart about my motives for asking.

Over 100 years ago there was an island somewhere in the Atlantic owned by a millionaire slave owner who happened to be an atheist. For that reason he would not let anyone go to the island to share the gospel of Jesus Christ to the slaves. Two Moravian believers, both young men, were concerned that these slaves would never get to hear the gospel so they decided that their only course of action was to sell themselves into slavery so that they would be transported to the island to live the rest of their lives.

When the time came for them to leave, their families wept as they stood on the dock and watched these two men leave. As the ship sailed away one of the family members cried out, “Why are you going?”

The men cried back, “ May the Lamb that was slain receive the reward for His suffering!”


That’s the real motive for asking…….