Christmas Boots

Well it is Christmas time again.  At almost every Christmas event, we are asked to share one memorable event that we remember about Christmas as kids.  As I was thinking about that this Christmas season, I remember that my brother and I would get a new pair of handmade western boots under the Christmas tree. We were so in to horseback riding that we would wear out each pair by the next Christmas. I can even today remember how great they fit.  They were perfectly made by the boot maker. The tough leather that held our feet and ankles protected them from scratches and cuts as we rode through brush. The just right size heels kept our feet in the saddle stirrups as we would round up the cattle. They were precisely crafted for the job they were made to accomplish.

As I was thinking about those amazing boots I couldn’t help but think of how our heavenly Father says in Psalm 139:14 that we are; “fearfully and wonderfully made.”  God made each of us for His pleasure. He is the Master Craftsman when it comes to making special people for a special task. You see, God knew before the foundation of the world that He had a unique place in this world for you and me.  We were hand crafted by the Master for that assignment.  What an amazing truth.

Sometime the enemy, people or even circumstances will try to convince us that we are not of any value and cannot do anything right, but we must remind ourselves of what the Bible says about a person that has accepted Jesus as their personal Savior. “You are fearfully and wonderfully made by God Himself.”  Remember, as one of my dear friends would remind us, “If God had a refrigerator, your picture would be on it.” Begin to praise Him now for His wonderful grace and His marvelous workmanship in making YOU SO VERY SPECIAL.