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Dear Brothers in the Ministry,

I believe that all of us desire to see a movement of renewal and revival in our churches. Let me take a few moments of your time to tell you about Jon Moore, a man whom God is using to bring a powerful message of renewal and revival in the church.

Jon Moore was a pharmacist who owned his own pharmacy when the Lord placed His calling on his life to preach. He was pastor of a small church while earning his Master of Divinity degree from Southwestern Theological Seminary. The “Jesus Movement,” the “Asbury revival,” and his association with Manley Beasley, a prominent revivalist, were all used by the Lord to influence his life. That impact was deepened when the family moved to Euless, Texas and joined First Baptist Church Euless when Dr. Jimmy Draper was pastor. But it was Jon’s own experience of revival during that time that had the deepest impact on his life and ministry.

Jon is a revivalist. Revival by definition happens to someone who is already a Christian, but whose spiritual life is in decline. God has given Jon unique gifts that enable him to communicate the life – changing Word of God in a way that connects with our modern culture. He has helped men and women from all walks of life to deepen their love for Christ and His Word.

This past November, we had Bro. Jon come and lead our Renewal Week@Portland Avenue on a Sunday morning through Wednesday night. My desire in hosting this meeting was that the church might experience some powerful days of renewal. We used a format for this meeting at Jon’s suggestion that worked very well in our setting. Jon preached Sunday morning and then Sunday night through Tuesday evening the men stayed with Bro. Jon and the women went to our Fellowship Hall where Phyllis, Jon’s wife, taught them. It was a powerful way for Jon and Phyllis to focus on specific issues related to men and women. At our final service on Wednesday night, Jon led the entire group through a powerful testimony time. In fact, it was the best testimony service I can remember in my twenty years as pastor of the church. Our church continues to ride the wave of renewal week.

If you are giving some thought about scheduling a meeting that focuses on renewal and revival, then let me highly recommend Jon Moore and his wife, Phyllis. Thanks for your time and please feel free to call me if you would like to know more or have any questions.



Dr. Walter L. Mullican
Portland Avenue Baptist Church
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Jon Moore Evangelistic Association

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