Pastor recommendation for JMEA

Tony Watson

Pastor – First Baptist Church of Winona

Moderator – GETBA


To all : GETBA Pastors


I wanted to send you a quick note and a recommendation for your church. Last week, we had a Spiritual Awakening Conference, led by Jon and Phyllis Moore. While it was a revival-type emphasis, it was not your father’s revival. During the evening services, after the music time, Bro. Jon taught the men and his wife Phyllis taught the ladies on some challenges from the Word of God. On Wednesday, the final night, we came back together and had an old-fashioned testimony service.

As a Pastor, you are always “evaluating”. During the week I got several pieces of encouraging feedback from both men and women. However, I was still unsure of how the testimony service would go. Oh me and my lack of faith! Almost as soon as Bro.Jon extended the opportunity, a 50 year old man stepped forward to the mic to confess that after being a church youth minister at another church for years and leaving that ministry, that he rationalized that it was ok to start drinking again with his sons and friends and he shared that with God’s help, he was turning aside from that. I began to weep as I knew of this man’s struggle from when he had shared it with me previously. From there, people confessed anger issues, forgiveness issues, lack of spiritual focus issues. One by one, 13 men and women bared their souls and, in turn, were prayed for by a member of the congregation. It was the most powerful service I’ve been a part of since coming to Winona almost 5 years ago.


I would encourage you to consider schedule a Spiritual Awakening Conference with Jon and Phyllis Moore. Along with Jon having almost 40 years of experience in preaching revivals and leading conferences, his wife Phyllis spent over a decade partnering with Barbara O’Chester doing ladies conferences and retreats all over the USA.


Thank you Tony Watson!

Jon and Phyllis Moore