Awesome News from RefreshHer Retreats!

Believer’s Fellowship has been hosting Ladies’ RefreshHer Retreats annually for the past 18 years.  Phyllis has been our most requested guest speaker.  Each time she has come with a fresh Word, inspired and humbly led by the Holy Spirit. She has a passion for teaching and mentoring women to have a closer walk with our Savior.

Her messages are prayed over and delivered boldly without compromise.  Even in this, she is loved by our ladies for several reasons.  She has a way of explaining the Word and bringing life to it.  She interacts and ministers to the women individually as well. At one retreat, Phyllis sat on the sofa reading a book out loud to women who sat around her late into the evening.  She makes herself available to the women at all times.  It is not at all unusual to see her talking or praying with a woman during free time or late into the evening after most others have gone to bed.

Following are some comments from the ladies attending the retreat in 2013, “ Living Kingdom Life.”

“Phyllis is amazing and God speaks to me when she speaks.”

“She helped me understand the difference between the law of the Word and loving people.”

“Phyllis is a great speaker.  Very heart changing!”

“I brought a friend that was in pain and having issues and Phyllis personally ministered to her.”

“I am challenged in the Word every day.”

When asked what lesson was learned personally:

“To give up my treasures so that He (God) can take care of them.”

“To yield my treasures to God and let Him take care of them! Yes Them!

“Placing my family “Treasure” in God’s care instead of having to carry the burden of care and safety    


“Renewed my spirit and refreshed my soul.”

“Helped me find more grace.”

“Makes me want to read the Bible and know it.”

“Made me take a closer look at my relationship with Christ.”

As Woman’s coordinator of Believer’s Fellowship, I highly recommend Phyllis.  I personally leave broken, inspired and highly encouraged to continue on in the ministry and for the Lord.  Her love for her husband, her family and most of all for her Lord Jesus Christ is evident!

Trusting Jesus with you,

Rebecca Stricklin

Women’s Ministry Coordinator

Believer’s Fellowship –Spring/Magnolia, TX.