A Royal Event

As many already know and watched on television, Prince Harry (the Queen of England’s grandson) and Meghan Markle of the United States were united in married a few weeks ago.  It was quite an exciting Royal event and yes, I watched it.  All the who’s who of England and the United states were there to celebrate all the glitz and glamor of the royal family. People were lining the streets, cheering the couple as they rode down the street in their beautiful carriage pulled by white thoroughbred horses, signifying royalty. Then of course, they were followed by the royal military, also on white horses. Oh so much pomp and circumstance!

As I was listening to the cheering for the royal couple, I felt saddened as I thought about some 2000 years ago when my Lord Jesus, bloody and beaten, was dragged through a street in Jerusalem.  He was headed to Golgotha, the place of the Scull, to be hung on a rugged cross to die a horrific death to pay for my sins.  No cheering for Him, only being spat upon and the jeering of that crowd! Crucify Him, Crucify Him!  But wait, He too is Royalty!  Not just a Prince, but the King of Kings, yet pain and agony was His welcome.  The tears began to flood my eyes.

As quickly as the tears began to flow, the heavenly Father reminded me that “one day” soon, when only He knows, our Lord Jesus Christ will return. The trumpet will sound, and this time He will be accompanied by the angels in heaven cheering His coming, singing; Hallelujah, hallelujah, hallelujah!  Let us also rejoice and shout for joy exulting Him! Let us celebrate and ascribe what is due to Him, all glory and honor!!!Hallelujah and praise be to the Lord of Lords, Who is the King of Kings!!!And by the way Jesus also, will be mounted on a white thoroughbred horse signifying His “eternal” Royalty!!!